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The Volunteer Lake Assessment Program is a water sampling program to assist The NH Dept of Environmental Services in evaluating water quality throughout the state.
On Pine River Pond Barry Fryer is the coordinator. He relies on several others to help gather the samples and collect the data needed to keep our water clean

As you can see, this is demanding work.

Each month in the summer samples are taken from the lake at different depths using a Kemmerer bottle. This bottle is open at both ends. It is lowered to the desired depth then triggered closed, capturing the water sample. Other samples are taken from streams that flow into the lake. The samples collected are then driven to the DES in Concord for testing. A report is generated on the quality of our lake water. This process allows us to become quickly aware of any pollution. Here are some pictures of the testing process.

The clarity of the lake is measured with a device called a Secchi disk. It is lowered into the water until it disappears. Then the distance is measured. Our lake is usually in the 5-6 meter range.

  The volunteers are always on the alert for any source of damage to the lake including harmful aquatic plants that can damage its fragile ecosystem. Their skills were put to the test in 2002 when a source of pollution was discovered coming into the lake from a nearby stream.

With the involvement of the NH Department of Environmental Services and the help of the NH Department of Agriculture, the source of the problem was identified and a solution was implemented to stop further harm to our lake. A report was published in a NHDES newsletter praising the cooperation of all those involved including our very own Lake Assessment Volunteers! 

You can help by participating in the "Weed Watch" program and reporting any  sources of pollution to the lake to the proper authorities
You can find out more info at the VLAP web site located here: